Movement and Meditation for Anxiety

Do you suffer from anxiety? I have. And I do.

Anxiety can be almost overwhelming when it wraps you up in its claws. In spite of a long-standing meditation practice, I have found that when anxiety and fear grip me tightly, meditation alone is sometimes not enough to remind me of inner peace and calm. When my energy levels are ramped up from fear and my body is contracted in an instinctive need to protect my heart, I need to move in ways that release tension and promote relaxation.

What to do? There are simple, gentle yoga postures, deep rhythmic breathing and mindful movements that can open up contracted areas physically binding tension and stress to the body.

As well, there are meditations that can help to build inner resources of safety, calm, peace and self-compassion to ease the mind’s preoccupation with anxiety and fear.

You do NOT require any experience in yoga or meditation to participate in this workshop. It is open to anyone who experiences anxiety and would like to find tools to manage this strangling emotion.

We currently do not have a workshop scheduled, but if you are interested, please email us at