Course Info

Find Peace of Mind offers two regular meditation programmes:

  1. An Introduction to Meditation
  2. Sangha

We also offer workshops occasionally, which can be found by CLICKING HERE.

All programmes are taught by Dr. John Stewart, MD and/or Bette Hodgins, BScPT and Certified Yoga Teacher. Classes in each programme run four consecutive Wednesdays and are held in the Medical Associates building in Port Perry. 

Please check our Schedule to see the specific dates these programmes are offered.

1. Introduction to Meditation
This four-week programme is an introduction to the benefits of meditation. It offers students the opportunity to explore different styles of meditation that nurture calm and peace  in their lives. Students will learn how to relax, focus and centre their thoughts, de-stress and reap the health benefits that arise from a regular meditation practice.

We are currently taking registrations for early 2020. Please see our SCHEDULE for more information. Each class is from 7:00 to 9:00 p.m. and is located in the Education Suite of Medical Associates Building in Port Perry.

This session is open to patients who have a family physician with the Medical Associates of Port Perry and is offered at NO CHARGE if you are registered with the Family Health Team. There are only 10 spaces available in each session, so please do not delay in getting a referral from your family physician.

Please email for programme information, or call Colleen Hollinger, Family Health Team at (905) 985-2895 #6070 to register.


2. Sangha
Sangha is a wonderful way to maintain your mindfulness practice and create a sense of community amongst people who are journeying the same path as you. Find monthly support for your inner spirit and your mindfulness practices at Sangha. Each hour and a half session (7:00 to 8:30 p.m.) will begin with a guided meditation followed by a brief talk and discussion. The evening will end with another meditation. Please see our schedule for the dates.


There is NO CHARGE for any of our programmes. To be eligible to attend, you must be referred by a physician who is a member of the Medical Associates practice in Port Perry. 

Additional resources (e.g.  malas, recordings, meditation bench) are optional and extra.


Med AssocClasses are held in the  Education Suite of the Medical Associates building in Port Perry. Medical Associates are located at 462 Paxton St, Port Perry, Ontario. 

The Education Suite, is located on the Basement Floor, opposite the Outpatient Lab.