Bette Hodgins







Bette has lived, raised a family, and worked in Scugog for over thirty years. The following is a synopsis of some of her health care education relevant to meditation and teaching:

  •  Bachelor of Science Physical Therapy (University of Toronto)
  • Certified Health Executive (Canadian College of Health Service Executives)
  • Masters Public Administration; Health Care Specialty (Queens University)
  • Patient Relations
  • Alternate Dispute Resolution Certificate (University of Waterloo)
  • Graduate Certificate in Public Relations (Royal Roads University, BC)

Bette is a certified yoga instructor; the yoga, breathing and meditation techniques offered in Find Peace of Mind are based on those taught at:

  • the Krishnamacharya Yoga Mandiram (Chennai, India),
  • Dr. Deepak Chopra, MD (Meditation Retreat, Whistler BC),
  • Centre of Gravity Buddhist Centre (Toronto, Ontario)
  • Greater Good Science Centre, UC Berkeley (The Science of Happiness)
  • Dr. Rick Hanson, PhD neuropsychologist (Esalen Institute, Big Sur, California): Positive Neuroplasticity
  • Dr. Rick Hanson, PhD: Foundations of Well-Being
  • Dr. Barbara Fredrickson, PhD, University of North Carolina: Positive Psychology

In addition to her more peaceful pursuits, Bette also has a first-degree black belt in shotokan karate and a third degree black belt in haidong gumdo (Korean sword martial art).

The somatic awareness activities in the Find Peace of Mind programme will be drawn from her experience in teaching and training in martial arts and yoga.