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Assorted guided meditations from the Chopra Center

Thoughts are just thoughtsLooking for some guided meditations for your home practice? Fortunately, the Chopra Center has been kind enough to post a variety of them, ranging in time from less than five minutes up to an hour, and include themes of Gratitude, Abundance, Awakening to Perfect Health, Creativity, Letting Go of Control….and many more.

Enjoy these guided meditations from the Chopra Center!

Om Satyam!

Meditation for Beginners

master of the mind

I have yet to encounter a student who hasn’t said, “I can’t meditate. I can’t empty my mind and stop my thoughts. My head just keeps racing around.”

Well, join the human race! A busy mind is something we all suffer from – and we meditate to help us calm and focus our thoughts in ways that serve us rather than exhaust us. We may even begin to develop the skills to observe and step back from these thoughts, rather than engage in the whirlwind of the mind.

But how to do that? Joining a meditation group is one excellent way, but if you want to do some reading and try practicing at home first, you might enjoy this article by the Chopra Center. Like Dr Stewart and myself, the Chopra Center believes that there are different approaches to meditation. One style may fit you and your lifestyle more so than another – no “One Size Fits All.”

Meditation styles for beginners”¬†is a short, simple article that describes a few different meditation approaches. You may find one that appeals to you, and helps you in your inner journey towards less stress, more relaxation, peace and calm.

If you are interested in joining a class, Dr Stewart and I are offering the last spring ¬†“Introduction to Meditation” session starting on Wednesday, March 30th at 7:00. For more information, please CLICK HERE.