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Overcoming Chaos – A Free Workshop

At times it feels as though our minds are on auto-pilot and thoughts swirl in chaotic whirlwinds. Meditation can help us calm the storms, centering and connecting us with the present moment.

Deepak Chopra is currently offering a free, four-week workshop called, “Overcoming Chaos” starting in 21 days. In this programme, Dr. Chopra will show you how to reconnect with your essential self, melt away stress and anxiety, and learn how to navigate through the inner chaos of your mind.

Need a little shelter from the inner storms? Try “Overcoming Chaos” with Deepak Chopra!


4 Ways to Access Unbounded Gratitude

If you begin your meditation practice with no other intent than to cultivate your feelings of gratitude, you will reap the benefits of a heart that gently opens to the blessings that already surround you. Replenishing our spirit with recognition and thankfulness for all of the small and typically unnoticed good things in our lives gradually builds our sense of quiet joy and contentment.

Deepak Chopra shares, “4 Ways to Access Unbounded Gratitude” in this article. Enjoy and thank you Deepak Chopra!

Manifesting Grace Through Gratitude

Gratitude is a powerful way of nurturing inner resilience, joy and calm. Dr Deepak Chopra and Oprah Winfrey are once again offering their free, 21-day online meditation experience called, “Manifesting Grace Through Gratitude”

The event starts March 25th, 2019. The daily guided meditations are approximately 15 to 20 minutes in length, and are a wonderful way to start…. or end… your day.

As the saying goes, “It is not happiness that creates gratitude. It is gratitude that creates happiness.”


Overcoming Chaos

Deepak Chopra is again offering a free on-line event, this time on “Overcoming Chaos.”

This programme offers four sessions that include:

  • Resolving Conflict from Within
  • From Stress to Stillness – 7 Tools for Inner Peace
  • How to Instantly Calm the Anxious Mind
  • The Science and Magic of Primordial Sound Meditation

Every learning opportunity is a chance to grow. You pick out what makes sense to you, and leave behind what doesn’t. May you enjoy this programme, and add another step in your journey to peace!




Shedding the Weight of Mind, Body and Spirit


What inspires you and lifts your spirit? What will it take to lose the heaviness of mind, body and spirit?

Once again Deepak Chopra is offering a free, 21-day meditation experience for those looking for ways to nourish their spirit and get rid of the things that weigh them down.

Go to the Chopra Center website to read more and to register for this event.

Deepak Chopra’s meditation events are a great way to get into the habit of regular meditation. Twelve years ago one of these events started me off on a steady, daily journey of meditation. Prior to that, I was an “on again, off again” meditator but the necessity of taking a seat every day for 21 days set my “groove” (doesn’t that expression date me!!??) and I have meditated regularly ever since then. 

And if this event doesn’t do it – well that’s ok. When the time is right for you to have a meditation practice, it will happen. No judgement!

Making Every Moment Matter – 21 Day Meditation Experience with Deepak Chopra

There is so much internal and external pressure to do more, more, more that chronic stress has been become an epidemic in our modern society. How do we find a way to “make it stop” and acquire the ability to be “in the moment”?

To be honest, do you feel like, “Who’s got time to be in the moment when we have to think  about what needs to get done?”??

Dr Deepak Chopra is offering a free 21-day meditation experience that speaks to this issue.  “Making Every Moment Matter”is a way to help us stop the headlong rush into the next moment and instead, focus on what is happening “right now.”

If you enjoy having a short talk and a guided meditation, you may find that this is a wonderful opportunity to take back your life, and learn to be present in the moment. After all, that is all we really have!

Here is the link to “Making Every Moment Matter”



Self-Discovery Workshop – free four-part series by Dr Deepak Chopra

Deepak ChopraJust wanted to share information regarding a free, four-part series on self-discovery, by Dr. Deepak Chopra. Beginning August 10th, Deepak Chopra will be guiding registrants on a journey of letting go of painful emotions from the past, and help us experience the present in a more joyful and calm way.

Join thousands of people who are interested in exploring new ways of connection, abundance and love.

Here is the link to Deepak Chopra’s  Discovery Workshop

Free online 21-Day Meditation Programme with Deepak Chopra – Discover Your Purpose

Starting July 17, the Chopra Center is once again offering a free online meditation experience for 21 days. The theme for this session is, “Desire and Destiny” – meditations and short talks that will help you discover your purpose, release limiting beliefs and unlock your potential.

You can get more information by CLICKING HERE!

How To Quiet Your Busy Mind – Free Online Event

Happy New Year! Perhaps you have been thinking about starting, or refreshing your meditation practice in 2017. If so, here is a free online event from the Chopra Center that may give you the boost you need. Read on to find about this online event! (Don’t delay checking into this – the event occurs this Wednesday, January 11th)


Modern Meditator: How to Quiet Your Busy Mind and Discover Who You Really Are

What’s Being Too Busy or Too Stressed Out to Meditate Costing You?

When we allow ourselves to be ruled by the thoughts and fears of our unsettled minds, we miss out on everything in life that really matters.

We miss opportunities to connect with loved ones, to feel the pleasure of sunshine on our face, to feel our creative energy spark when we watch a child play, or to take in the beauty of nature.

Meditation brings us back and allows us to come more fully into the present moment. It takes us out of our heads, beyond our worries, fears, and judgements and wakes us up to the sweetness and the beauty of our lives.

And it delivers some pretty staggering health benefits, too . . . from relieving anxiety and depression, to improving attention, memory, mental focus, concentration, and overall psychological well-being. Recent research also suggests that meditating – even for just a few minutes a day! – helps counteract age-related loss of brain volume.

But perhaps most significant of all is what world-renowned expert and pioneer of mind-body medicine, Deepak Chopra, MD, FACP, says about meditation – that it’s “the simplest and most powerful pathway to discovering who we are and what we’re really here to create.”

Because once you use meditation to quiet the noise around you and connect with your true self, you’ll be operating from that deep place of knowing within you – the place from which you can adeptly solve life’s problems and make good decisions, and feel connected to and supported by universal forces greater than you. So you won’t have to resolve to do anything. You’ll simply use that knowing to confidently create the life you were truly meant to lead.

Yet despite the list of reasons compelling you to meditate, the truth is that it can be hard to prioritize and even harder to master. You might think a journey to “know yourself” sounds hard or even scary. Or that you don’t have enough time or patience to do it. Or maybe you just don’t know how or where to start.

That’s why Deepak has invited his long-time friend, Roger Gabriel, who’s spent the past 40 years teaching more than 10,000 people to successfully meditate, to co-host Modern Meditator: How to Quiet Your Busy Mind and Discover Who You Really Are, a powerful Chopra Center online event on Wednesday, January 11th at three convenient times.

Join the illuminating conversation as Deepak and Roger show you how you can use meditation to support you in creating what you want most in the coming year (and beyond!)

They’ll dispel myths, shatter common misconceptions and provide you with expert insights derived from years of personal practice and teaching . . . so you gain the confidence and know-how you need to successfully integrate meditation into your life.

And you can finally begin to experience its very real benefits, like being present to the  sweetness and goodness that’s always been here for you.

There’s absolutely no cost to register or participate.


Once registered, you’ll receive an email confirming your spot has been reserved. Then closer to the event, you’ll receive specific login details so you can participate from any computer, anywhere in the world.

Then, on Wednesday, January 11th, in just one informative hour, Deepak Chopra and Roger Gabriel will reveal:

  • The simplest way to start a dedicated meditation practice that thrives – with even the most hectic of schedules.

  • The number-one way to know if you’re doing it right – and how to instantly get back on track when thoughts intrude.

  • How to break through the top barrier that blocks most people from sustaining a meditation practice once they begin it.

  • How to use your meditation practice to fuel your New Year’s resolutions – and effortlessly create more of what matters most to you.

Don’t miss this opportunity to join Deepak Chopra and Roger Gabriel, as they reveal 4 simple, yet powerful steps you can use to integrate meditation into your busy life and use it to:

Retrain your brain – to significantly improve your memory, productivity, mental acuity, and concentration . . . and even boost your immune system.

Become the author of your own life – by increasing your capacity for meaningful change, healing, creativity and personal transformation.

Move beyond the mind’s stress-inducing thoughts and emotional upsets – and experience calm, clarity, peacefulness…and a whole lot more sweetness and joy in your life.

Join us for Modern Meditator as Deepak Chopra and Roger Gabriel and make 2017 the year meditation supports you in creating the life you’ve always wanted.