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A Gift of Mindfulness from Dr. Rick Hanson

scroogeT’is the season for peace, joy and love….as well as expectations unfulfilled, relationships that wound and the pressures of materialistic gift-giving. Whew. Small wonder so many people find this time of year to be less “Ho Ho Ho” and more “Bah. Humbug”!

For a short time,Dr. Rick Hanson is freely offering his talk on cultivating the “Green Zone” in your brain – the place where there is indeed peace, joy and love. He also talks about ways to diminish the effects of the “Red Zone” – where we typically go when we hit the wall.

He also is sharing his interview on mindfulness with Dr. Jack Kornfield, a gentle, wise soul and renowned meditation teacher (as well as clinical psychotherapist).



“Taking in the Good”, a Guided Meditation by Dr. Rick Hanson

Dr. Rick Hanson, PhD and neuropsychologist, has recorded this guided meditation on, “Taking in the Good.” We enjoyed it in our third class when we discussed the topic of gratitude – feel free to play it again and again, and use it in your daily meditation if you find this particular approach resonates with you!

This meditation is from his CD set, “Meditations to Change Your Brain” which is available for loan from the Scugog Memorial Public Library, or for purchase. Alternatively, the whole set is available (like this one) on YouTube.

When you are meditating, please remember when thoughts or emotions arise during your session (as they inevitably will): 

  • Witness them – don’t resist them – but don’t participate in them either
  • Accept your thoughts and emotions just as they are – No Judgement
  • Take some time to experience the emotions without “feeding them”
  • Breathe in to them, then try to let them go