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November “Introduction to Meditation” classes start soon

Nothing in the world

Sound familiar? If you are looking for ways to reduce your stress, increase your sense of calm and relaxation, and improve your overall health, consider meditation.

Research has found that meditation can lower blood pressure, slow heart rate, improve your immune system and promote a good night’s sleep. It also helps improve concentration and focus.

Please join Dr. John Stewart and Bette Hodgins for the November, “Introduction to Meditation.” Classes start Wednesday, November 5 and are held in the Medical Associates Building, Port Perry.

For more information, please CLICK HERE.

Leaves on a Stream meditation

When we meditate, thoughts and emotions will naturally arise. Try to note them, acknowledge them and just let them “be” without engaging or participating in them. Don’t judge yourself or your meditation as “good” or “bad” …… this is just the way our minds function.

This beautiful eight-minute meditation by Naomi Goodlet offers us assistance in the process of observation and release of thought. And it is particularly timely for the beautiful fall season.

Naomi goodlet



CLICK HERE FOR THE Guided meditation by Naomi Goodlet