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Making Every Moment Matter – 21 Day Meditation Experience with Deepak Chopra

There is so much internal and external pressure to do more, more, more that chronic stress has been become an epidemic in our modern society. How do we find a way to “make it stop” and acquire the ability to be “in the moment”?

To be honest, do you feel like, “Who’s got time to be in the moment when we have to think¬† about what needs to get done?”??

Dr Deepak Chopra is offering a free 21-day meditation experience that speaks to this issue.¬† “Making Every Moment Matter”is a way to help us stop the headlong rush into the next moment and instead, focus on what is happening “right now.”

If you enjoy having a short talk and a guided meditation, you may find that this is a wonderful opportunity to take back your life, and learn to be present in the moment. After all, that is all we really have!

Here is the link to “Making Every Moment Matter”